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Q&A with Annick Ireland of Immaculate Vegan

We got the opportunity to chat with Annick Ireland, Founder and CEO of Immaculate Vegan.  She answers just a handful of questions in this short and sweet interview filled with lots of good tidbits.

What is a Bucket Bag?

So, what is bucket bag exactly? Use this short guide to get a feel for this endlessly chic and charmingly playful handbag.  Post written by T.A. Walsh.

What Is Waxed Canvas?

Waxed canvas is making an appearance in the world of sustainable and vegan friendly fashion in full color. This highly durable, waterproof, and classic material can be used to make bags and jackets...

What Are Fanny Packs?

The convenience of this hands-free bag is undeniable and what is the purpose of a fanny pack has never been clearer.  Post by T.A. Walsh.

What Is A Cinch Bag?

Simple, the cinch bag is any handbag or purse that can be pulled to a close with a drawstring that “cinches” the bag’s exterior together.  The innovative attention to the classic design is the reas...

The Six Most Common Materials of Bags

Different types of bag materials are foundational for an array of styles, so, being familiar with options is essential.  Here’s a helpful list of the most common bag materials.  Post written by T....

The Top Six Bags Color Trends for 2023

While some women prefer to invest in a neutral carryall bag, others have a different color handbag for every outfit. Whichever type of handbag lover you are, a trendy spring color is just waiting f...

The Black Heart Bag to benefit Black Girls Smile

Black lives matter, and so do our actions. 100% of profits (after cost of materials and manufacturing) of the Black Heart Bag will be donated to Black Girls Smile, an organization dedicated to supp...