The Bucket Bag is so much more than a trend. The chic and innovative look is a dreamy marriage of practicality and haute couture.

Why Is It called a Bucket Bag?

Wondering why is it called a bucket bag? Simple! The bag literally resembles a bucket with its roughly cylindrical shape, deep interior and tall sturdy sides. Typically, the bucket bag’s wide brim is closed by a convenient drawstring that makes it easy to use. 

Ok…But What Is a Bucket Bag?

The bucket bag might look as striking as any totally modern and fresh style, but actually, it’s been around for quite a while. 

Major names in fashion have been playing around with versions of the bucket bag since the 1940s. One of the first bucket bags to popularize the style, from Hermès, took the name quite literally. They removed the bag’s typical drawstring and used stiff material to design a look essentially indistinguishable from a bucket tooled out of leather. 

Bucket bags have been around since the 40s, which is when they became a popular trend

Source: Poupishop Interest

With contemporary brands always looking to re-image dazzling silhouettes, the bucket bag has undergone many transformations. It came back onto the radar of fashionistas in a big way when Mansur Gavriel, a New York City brand founded in 2012, introduced their own take on the bucket bag. Their take on the bag was refined, but still glittering with personality—a perfect companion to anyone who dresses with intention. 

Although bucket bags have gone through many redesigns and transformations, their namesake characteristics are still a favorite.

Source: Mansurgavriel Store

How to Wear a Bucket Bag?

This quirky but somehow still oh-so elegant bag has quickly made its name as a cult favorite. Since the fashion world fell back in love with bucket bags, designers have been putting their own twist on the look, softening the shape to create a more elegant look or applying minimalism to create a more stripped-down statement piece.

There is really no wrong way to wear a bucket bag. You have to love its versatility. Because it is the bag’s shape, not material or print that defines what is a bucket bag, there is endless room for brands to bring their own take to the design. 

Some bucket bags, like Hozen’s mini bucket bag come with two straps so that the silhouette can be adjusted to different lengths to make it a perfect partner for a variety of styles. Whether you want to wear it as a chic shoulder bag, or as a longer across the body bag, the bucket shape can fill out any outfit perfectly. Plus, the utility of the design has been modernized with super user-friendly features like drawstrings and weather-proof materials. 

Many people love using bucket bags because they are easy to wear and can fit with many outfits.

Bucket bags are a great choice for a weekend get-away because their functional size can easily fit everything you need in the interior’s ample storage space. The wide and round top also makes it a great beach-side companion because it’s easy to access your phone or lipstick without having to dig around and risk dragging in dreaded sand.

Are Bucket Bags in Style?

Even though the bucket bag has a rather minimal shape, it can be endlessly customized to suit any style. From bright and bold patterns to vegan eco-friendly leathers, to canvas and woven raffias, there’s a bucket bag out there for every look. 

The bucket bag is the perfect solution for girls who prefer bold individual looks but cannot afford the high price tags of adventurous bags that might quickly go out of style. The timeless quality is essential to what is a bucket bag.

A classic handbag silhouette, bucket bags are one of the most iconic styles in the industry.

Because the bucket bag can so easily be re-imagined by fashion brands, it’s an amazing opportunity for eco-conscious designers to introduce looks that are just as ethical as they are cute. At Hozen, their delightful stripe bucket bags are made of piñatex, a leather look-a-like that’s made from recycled pineapple crop. As times change, innovative future-thinking designers will keep bucket bags in style.

Are Bucket Bags more of a Spring or a Winter Accessory?

The minimal look can be dressed down or dressed up—and shines in every season. In dark winter colors or light flirty spring patterns, this classic look seems to radiate style. 

Something to love about bucket bags is that most have minimal logos and do without signature patterns that would detract from the individuality of the person who is wearing it. Just another reason the bucket bag is oh so desirable. 

Bucket Bags can be worn stylishly year round.

Source: Harpers Bazaar magazine 

So rain or shine, snow or sun, these sleek, utilitarian bags won’t be going out of style anytime soon. They may have been a hit on spring runways last year, but their timeless shape can be worn effortlessly even in the dead of winter.

Convinced Yet?

Bucket bags aren’t exactly new, despite what trend-setters might have you think. They are one of those classic shapes that will always appeal to lovers of beauty.  So, when the twenty-first century fell back in love with the bucket bag, we fell hard. 

These days, it’s almost impossible to walk into a top fashion brand’s store without seeing one. The bucket bag is undeniably a solid choice investment for the new decade, as one of spring’s most coveted trends.

Whether you like to keep things classic, experiment with bold prints and patterns, or if you are the kind of person who goes for an elegant formal look, then our vegan leather bucket bags are an excellent choice. From high couture to lifestyle wear: the bucket bag has a place in every closet! Curious about vegan leather? Then head this way to learn more about vegan leather and the benefits.
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