It’s time to meet our beautiful cinch bags collection. Any devotee of fashion knows that classic fixes, like the oh-so reliable drawstring, never go out of style. While the cinch backpack may have spent the last few decades dwelling in the realm of hyper practicality—get ready, fashion brands are embracing the cinch bag with their own unique interpretations. 

Here’s a helpful guide to answer the question: Just why are cinch drawstring bags popular?

Vegan Leather Cinch Style Bags from Hozen

What Is A Cinch Bag?

Simple, the cinch bag is any handbag or purse that can be pulled to a close with a drawstring that “cinches” the bag’s exterior together. While the most popular representatives of this look might be gym bags and school lunch sacks, the cinch style bag has undergone a major fashion reinvention in recent years. 

The innovative attention to the classic design is the reason that the style is having a major glow up moment. Plus – the cinch bag is well known for being a gender-neutral accessory, a perfect companion to the fashionista looking to dress outside the limiting binary. 

Then What About A Cinch Backpack?

Gucci Makes a High Fashion Cinch Backpack that costs over $1000 dollars
Source: FashionPhile

The cinch backpack is very similar to the cinch style bag, except, it can be conveniently worn over the shoulders as a backpack. These are commonly made of cheap materials and are often designed as custom cinch bag backpacks that rep different sports teams, brands, or graphics. Perhaps best known for being a reliable piece of swag at conferences or sports games, that’s all changing as Gucci recently released a cinch backpack that retails at over a thousand dollars.

What Material Are Cinch Sack Bags Made of?

Cinch Bags can be made of Inexpensive Materials
Source: Bag and Tote

Most commonly, the cinch style bag is made of inexpensive and non-woven materials like durable polypropylene, nylon, or polyester. However, as the fashion world’s relationship to the trusted cinch bag changes, so do the materials being used. Leather and canvas are being used to make up-scale versions of cinch bags, and some environmentally pioneering brands, like Hozen, are even using vegan leather to make compact and clean sustainable cinches collection.  

Where to Buy Cinch Bags?

An upscale reimagining of the cinch drawstring backpack
Source: The Oliver Thomas

Since the cinch bag is so popular, there are a myriad of answers to the question of where to buy cinch bags. Shopping online is the safest best, as a number of stores and manufacturers feature the cinch bag on their websites. College campuses, sports stadiums, and travel stores are great places to find a custom cinch bag. Boutiques that carry the latest brilliances of major fashion brands are a safe bet when looking to encounter a more refined, sophisticated cinch bag. 

Are Cinch Bags Ethical?

A tiger orange cinch shoulder bag from Hozen

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is…not always. While some brands like Hozen are reimagining this throwback design in vegan leather and committing to sustainable manufacturing processes—many, are not. Since the cinch bag can be made with cheap materials, quickly, it too often becomes a poorly made, easily torn, future piece of landfill. For this reason, it’s important to be an ethical consumer when choosing a cinch bag—make sure that if you care about the environment, you invest in something that will last like Hozen’s eye-catching orange cinch shoulder bag which is made of vegan and sustainable materials. Also there are quite a few different types of vegan leather you need to know, each type has their own unique characteristic.

Why Are Cinch Drawstring Bags Popular?

A Cinch drawstring bag being carried down a Runway
Source: Livingly

The cinch drawstring bag is an incredibly classic look that combines the practicality of a reliable backpack with the slouchy elegance of a hobo style fashion bag. No matter what material are cinch style bags made of, this tasteful re-imagining of the backpack is perfect for those looking to add easy mobility and convenience to their wardrobe. 

With brands creating high fashion alternatives to leather, and others bringing a much-needed environmentalism to manufacturing, it’s no wonder that the cinch drawstring bag is becoming so popular.

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