Handbags are a girl’s best friend: a tried & true accessory that has proven itself as practical as it is fashionable. Now that the fashion industry has finally woken up to the fact that all types of bodies are beautiful, it has never been easier to choose a bag perfect for whatever shape your gorgeous body takes. 

Whether it’s a strappy tote, a shoulder bag, or a chunky and chic hobo handbag: here’s a quick guide on how to choose a bag for your body type for daily use. 


The mini bag is a fun way to carry your essentials
Source: Glamour Magazine

If you are a petite woman, it’s popular to pick a bag that won’t overwhelm your slight frame. Long and thin bags which hang to create elegant vertical silhouettes are a must. With strappy bags you can create length, and even the illusion of height—elongating your body and drawing attention to your best features. 

Mini bags with long straps attachments are a perfect combination of length and unique style. Signature mini bags from top fashion brands embrace individuality and proudly boast adventurous styles, packing a big look into a little body. 


Bags in bright colors and bold designs are perfect for attention-seekers
Source: Glamour Magazine 

If your shoulders and hips are about the same size, and you have a defined waist, you have a curvy, or hourglass, figure. You shine best when rocking highly structured, architectural bags. Steer clear of slumpy formless bags! The hobo bag might look great on twig thin women, but it isn’t as complimentary on a woman with ample curves. Iconic celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Rhianna have paved the way for fashion excellence. Kim Kardashian even once wore a $35,000 Dior cross body bag just to run errands

When you go to select handbags as a curvy woman, look for styles that draw attention to your hips and chest—bright colors and bold patterns are a great idea. Tailored lines focus all attention on your best feature, accentuating your natural curves and emphasizing the parts of your body you love most. 

Pear Shape

Looking for a way to flaunt your waistline? A belt bag might be an excellent choice for you

With narrow shoulders and narrow bust leading down to wide hips, the pear shape woman knows that showing off the waistline is a must. Cross body bags and shoulder bags, which lace long vertical lines across a pronounced waist, show off your best features by bringing attention to your lovely hips. Leather, vegan leather, or other structured materials are a good choice as the pear shape body does best with earth-tones and winter colors. 

Hozen’s Limón circle belt bag is a perfect choice for women trying to flaunt their waistlines. In eye catching shades of citron, rouge, onyx and attention commanding gold and silver—this bag’s flattering shape can easily be tailored to your personal style. As if that wasn’t already enough to love, they are also all sustainably crafted belt bags from recycled vegan leathers. 

Slim and Tall

Tote bags are a staple for all women

If you are a tall woman with narrow hip bones and shoulders, throw a tote bag around your body and embrace the elegant draping it offers. Without too much natural shape to work with, the tall, slim woman gets to create her own geometry by playing with proportions and silhouette. 

Select handbags like this beautiful colorblock tote bag from Hozen to work as a compliment with your height, creating shape and modern elegance without interrupting the natural clean lines of your body. By choosing handbags with loose, elegant shapes you can create the suggestion of movement and make your body take on more dynamic shapes.

Plus Size

The iconic tiny bag look via Lizzo.
Source: Pink News Magazine 

If you’re a plus-sized woman, finding stylish pieces that hug the gorgeous shape of your body is a must. The fashion industry has lagged, in a major way, when it comes to putting out high couture looks in plus sized sizes. Luckily, handbags have never had that problem! 

Plus-sized women command attention. When you select handbags they must do the same. Bright colors and innovative reimaginations of classical shapes that accessorize your frame are a good choice for your body type. Select handbags that aren’t afraid to take up space, literally, or more figuratively—as was the case with this adorable tiny bag Lizzo brought to the American Music Awards and make a BIG statement. 

Apple Shape

The oversized bag is an NYC must
Source: Easy Beauty Ideas 

What’s with these fruit metaphors? The apple shaped woman has a larger bust and waist with round shoulders and a less defined waist. Your body will appreciate soft textures, a spring color palette and accessories that draw attention upwards--to your face and chest. 

Avoid restrictive and rigid bags, like backpacks or crossbody bags, that force strong lines on your gentle silhouette. Think velvety, oversized bags when it comes time to decide how to choose handbags

The modern woman takes everything into consideration when picking how to choose a bag for her body type: her plans for the day, her clothes and, of course—her best features! This list just skims the surface when it comes to body types—people come in all sorts of beautiful sizes and proportions and, I promise, there is a perfect bag out there for every last one of us. You can learn more about the history of tote bags in our latest blog post. Who knows? It may even become your next favorite bag style.
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