Bag Storage Ideas for Small Spaces Keep your Apartment Clutter Free
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Use Baskets to Maximize Floor Space

Storage Baskets provide Great Storage
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Should you put your purse on the floor? The answer is simple: as long as you put it in a basket first! If you are looking for a cute, cottage core adjacent technique to stretch your space, wicker baskets are good bag storage ideas that won’t make your apartment look cluttered.

Marie Kondo Your Collection

Marie Kondo’s Ideas for Purse Storage Stretch Your Space
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Minimalism is IN and Marie Kondo is its messiah. When it comes to bag storage ideas for small spaces, the easiest approach might be to reduce your collection by paring it down to the essentials. Getting rid of handbags doesn’t mean trashing them! The eco-chic lifestyle dictates you donate undesired bags, resell them, or regift them—trashing what could be re-used is a major faux pas. 

Kondo just launched a new product line in collaboration with the container store that is rich with handbag storage solutions, just in case you can’t bear parting with your collection. I mean, how could a handbag not spark joy. 

Utilize Cubbies

Cubby Storage Conveniently Organize Vertical Space
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Cubbies are an easy answer to how to organize purses in your closet when wondering to yourself…just where should I keep my purse at home?” Shoe racks that sit on the floor, or hang off the back of closet doors, are the perfect size for small and medium size handbags. Plus, they often have organizational features built in which make the excellent choices should you put your purse on the floor

Think Vegan Leather

Hozen’s Vegan Leather Bags Store much better than Animal Leather

Leather bags are tricky to store as even a small amount of moisture can discolor their material and they easily lose shape when not worn regularly. 

A major advantage of vegan leather over animal leather, despite the obvious benefits to the environment and our furry friends, is that they are extremely durable and water resistant. This means that the tricky, and time-consuming storage techniques necessary for animal leather become totally unnecessary ideas for purse storage. Vegan leather bags, made from materials like piñatex by Hozen look like the real thing, but are so much more convenient when it comes to how to store bags

Turn A Garment Rack into Handbag Storage Solutions

Garment Racks are Perfect Storage for Small Spaces
Source: The Style Index

Asking yourself how to store bag collections? Try a garment rack. When looking to best utilize space in a small apartment, think creatively about bag storage ideas. A garment rack can be repurposed as a convenient and chic display for bags of all shapes and sizes. One ingenious tip is turning a wine rack into a display shelf for clutches, bracelet bags, and small purses. 

Create an Artsy Wall Display

Handbags can double as Chic Décor
Source: Square Inch Home

When you have an enviable collection of handbags, why hide it? If you’ve run out of ideas about how to organize purses in your closet, play with levels, color combinations, and shape to create a statement wall in your apartment. With a little creativity, a bag storage idea can easily become a centerpiece of your interior design.  

Three Words: Stylish Wall Hooks

Wall Hooks are a Minimalist way to Maximize Storage Space
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Wall hooks and coat racks come in all sorts of colorful and creative shapes—whether they be antiques or Danish modernist pieces. If you think “no” is the only answer to “Should you put your purse on the floor?” wall hooks might be the ideas for purse storage that best fit your personal style.  

Wall Shelves make Great Displays
Source: Decorpad
DIY shelves are easy to make and give your apartment a personalized touch. Floating shelves can be placed anywhere you like, instantly creating a minimalist solution to how to store bag collections. These understated pieces of furniture can be used to highlight special bags, or as convenient storage spaces depending where you place them in your living space.
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