The bucket bag arrived on the global fashion stage in a major way. From France to Tokyo, these unique bags are being worn by fashion lovers all over the world. So, what is bucket bag exactly? Use this short guide to get a feel for this endlessly chic and charmingly playful handbag.  

This Raffia Woven Bucket Bag Combines Two of Spring’s Hottest Bag Trends

Source: Saks Fifth Avenue


How to Wear A Bucket Bag?

The bucket bag’s unique shape has a legendary ability to cling to the torso, highlighting curves and drawing attention to an outfit’s silhouette. Some bucket bags, like Hozen’s mini bucket bag come with adjustable straps that allow the bag to fall at different places on the body, making it a versatile companion to an array of outfits. 

 Whether the bucket bag is styled as a cross body bag, a chic shoulder bag, or a handheld bag, the slim and aerolite shape makes for a playful yet sophisticated addition to any outfit. Most bucket bags’ large open tops are closed with a simple drawstring which makes accessing its interior almost as easy as a tote bag, so it can be worn in similar ways. 

What are Bucket Bags used For?

As medium sized bags with an adaptable look, bucket bags are a pretty universally useful bag. They can be used as an everyday bag, the kind that accompanies you the daily commute to work, or as a show-stopping bag only brought out for special occasions. 

The large size and playful shape of the bucket bag ensures that certain versions of this look are perfect for picnics, beach days, or strolls around the city. The convenient shape makes traveling with a bucket bag effortless as it can fit a surprisingly large number of items inside its minimalist interior. If you are the kind of person who likes to jump in the car, or plane, or train, and just go, consider the bucket bag an ideal sidekick. 

 JW Anderson’s Bucket Bag Inspired Tote

Source: Farfetch


The Pros and Cons of Bucket Bag  

One major pro when it comes to the bucket bag’s design is its ample depth. The smart size of the interior easily fits all your essentials—and the bag’s classy appearance makes it a perfect all-day bag that easily transitions to night, so it is as convenient as it is stylish. 

Another pro is that when it comes to what is a bucket bag, there is really no limit to the patterns or colors that this playful shape can come in. There is a huge range—from sultry charcoal blacks, to spring floral patterns, to a classic white leather (or better yet…vegan leather!) bag. 

One potential con of the bucket bag is that the large opening that gives this handbag its signature shape also means that the interior of the bag is less secure than other styles. The convenient drawstring that accompanies the bag can pull the opening close, keeping your valuables safe from potential thieves, but it isn’t quite as safe as handbags that use zippers. 


A Baby Pink Bucket Bag from Louise Et Cie

Source: Net-A-Porter


Are Bucket Bags in Style?

The quick answer to are bucket bags in style, is a resounding yes. 

Even though bucket bags have only made their popular debut in the last few years, the look has gained popularity very quickly. It’s one of the most exciting new introductions to spring runways and is bound to stay in style for decades as more and more brands try their hand at reinventing this classic silhouette

One of the most interesting things about bucket bags is that since they are defined by their shape, they can easily be made in any material imaginable and therefore easily adapt to new trends in fashion. Hozen, for example, is making bucket bags from piñatex a vegan leather made from recycled pineapple plants. 


Hozen’s Bucket Bags are 100% Vegan and Made from Sustainable Materials

Source: HOZEN


Hopefully this guide helped you decide for yourself exactly what is a bucket bag. If the style has won you over, check out Hozen’s cute, sustainable, and 100% vegan interpretation of this exiting look. 

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