First of All…How Do You Measure A Bag Size?

It’s essential that every person learns how to measure handbags so that they can confidently determine if a given size fits their needs. Luckily, it’s pretty simple!

Handbag measurements are written as Length (L) x Height (H) x Width (W).
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Handbag measurements are made up of three numbers and recorded as Length (L), Height (H), and finally Width (W). For example, the Hozen mini duffle bag which is five inches in diameter, eight inches wide and has a 5 inch arm strap could be written as: 8”L x 5”H x 5”W. 

When shopping online, it’s a good idea to keep a ruler nearby so that you can imagine the size of your future bags before taking the plunge and making a purchase. 

Now that we understand how you measure a bag size, let’s look at qualities of large size handbags, medium size handbags, and small size handbags.

Large Size HandbagsThe Kassl Editions Padded Canvas Tote.

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When people refer to large sized handbags they usually mean tote bags, over the shoulder bags, and intentionally oversized handbags. This look pulls off a boho-chic style while also giving a nod to some of the biggest trends at major fashion houses.

Last fall large size handbags were all the rage. An entire Instagram account, TheBigBagClub was even created to poke fun at the trend. The obsession may have simmered down this season, but the draw of a drapey, effortless, and strappy bag is still very much in style.  

If you are searching for the perfect accessory to complete a high meets low streetwear look, hoping to dwarf your frame with a flattering oversize bag, or if you are just a pack rat who needs everything on-hand, at all times, consider buying oversized bags

Medium Size HandbagsHozen’s Cinch Backpack is a Cute Example of Medium Size Handbags.

Medium bags are a trusted staple. They are easy to style and leave room for features other than size to shine because they aren’t trying to make a statement about size. 

Designers can create handbags that experiment with color, use interesting textures, or place an emphasis on values like sustainability and ethical manufacturing. Hozen’s not too big, not too small Cinch Backpack exemplifies the style and is made from Italian recycled plastic leather and recycled plastic thread. 

Medium bags may not be the trendiest answer to the question: what size handbag do I need? But, rest assured, this versatile look can be exciting and chalk full of ingenuity in dozens of stylish ways.

Small Size Handbags

The Micro Bag Trend.
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In a previous post about handbag styles, we introduced the mini bag with Hozen’s Lady Purse

Now, we need to talk about the Micro bag, which, if you can believe it, is even smaller than the mini! This teeny tiny accessory’s origins trace back to French fashion designer Simon Porte Jacquemus, who gave the micro its debut with the 3 inch handbag, Le Chiquito

While it might have seemed more like an ostentatious gesture than an actual style suggestion, micro bags were soon adorning the arms of celebrities from Paris to Los Angeles. 

Just because the micro purse wasn’t designed with utility at the forefront of the mind, doesn’t mean they can’t serve as perfect small size handbags for a night out on the town. Hozen’s Card Sleeve, which looks like an adorable doll-sized tote, can easily hold everything a girl might need for a shopping trip, or a dance party.

Hozen’s Card Sleeve, an adorable doll sized tote.

What Size Handbags Do I Need? 

When asking yourself, what size handbags should I carry, remember that style is a reflection of personality. There is no perfect answer to the question. Whether you carry small size handbags, medium size handbags, or large size handbags: Fashion should be fun! Play around with different handbag sizes until you find the one that reflects your own personal style.
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