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We are dedicated to treating all beings with dignit y and substantiate our intentions by eliminating unnecessary cruelty through use of animal-free materials, and fostering a healthy workplace by producing in small batches and operating under fair labor practices.



The word HOZEN transl ates as ‘conservation’ in Japanese. As such our brand is committed to preserving Planet Earth for future generations through ethical manufacturing practices. We primarily employ recycled materials, utilize innovative eco-friendly textiles, seek to minimize material waste, and use other tools like carbon offsets to counteract the environmental cost rel ated to connecting our products and customers.



Our goal is to offer luxury, eco-friendly alternatives to popular, on-trend styles. HOZEN bags are season-less and the minimal design and size make them perfect for everyday use. We add unique design details to make the silhouettes our own. We constantly seek and consider our customers’ input which helps us design the products you want.



We strive to develop chic, unique, quality products and to instill our mission that fashion can be kind. With every purchase, a portion of profits is donated to a non-profit organization aligned with HOZEN’s core values. Our hope is to inspire our customers to be conscious consumers and help spread the word of our sustainabilit y efforts.



We source our materials from superior quality suppliers worldwide all of which exhibit high standards of ethics, responsibility, and governance. Every purchase represents an investment in a community of forward-thinking textile makers, metal foundries and other specialized technology providers enabling the sustainable consumption of the future.

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