While some women prefer to invest in a neutral carryall bag, others have a different color handbag for every outfit. Whichever type of handbag lover you are, a trendy spring color is just waiting for you. 

Here is a guide to six of the most exciting answers to burning questions about bag color trends 2023

What’s The Most Popular Handbag Color?

Charcoal bags never go out of Style.
Source: Moda Operandi 

Charcoal, a dark grey with undertones of black or navy blue, is an incredibly versatile bag color that can be dressed up or dressed down to go with pretty much anything. As one of the most popular handbag colors, this understated neutral never goes out of style. If you are asking yourself: What color bag should I get? Remember! Nothing’s cooler than wearing all black.

What Color Bag Should I Get to Make A Statement?

Red bags make a Big Statement.
Source: Farfetch 

When deciding how to choose a bag color, ask yourself if you want to turn heads. If the answer is yes, pick red. This eye popping, attention grabbing, color will get you noticed. While a burgundy or crimson might not be the correct answer to what color bag goes with every outfit, a well styled red makes for an unforgettable look. 

What Is The Best Color for A Handbag When Travelling?

Brown is the Best Color for a Handbag when Travelling.
Source: Paloma Wool 

Traveling, hopefully, will make a comeback in 2023. When packing for a getaway it’s important to pick a handbag that can double as a purse for traipsing around the city, or a backpack to store in-flight necessities. So, reach for a back-to-the basics color like espresso brown which beams with effortless elegance and never feels out of place. Fingers crossed that you have an occasion to discover if brown is truly the answer to the question: What is the best color for a handbag when traveling?

How to Choose Bag Color for A Perfect Spring Day?

This Bold Yellow Mini Duffle Bag from Hozen inspires Smiles.

When the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and you want to spend all day outside celebrating the first throes of spring, go for a bright yellow duffle bag. You’ll be surprised by how well this bold colored bag pairs with refined outfits. While historically it’s not the most popular handbag color, it’s making a major splash in 2023. From neon to pastel, this shade is sure to bring joy to whoever is carrying it.  

What Bag Color Goes with Everything?

Elegant white bags look great with almost every outfit.
Source: Staud Clothing

A white bag brings a refreshing coolness to almost any outfit, that looks both expensive and refined. Whether it be a neutral addition to a get-up otherwise over brimming with color, or a key part of a minimal and chic look, you cannot go wrong with this staple! Be ahead of the trend by knowing what color bag goes with every outfit

In 2023, What Is The Best Color for A Handbag?

Hozen’s Lady Bag comes in a Delightful Frog Green.

It’s 2023 and the battle with climate change has been ignored for way too long. This season it’s on trend to give a damn and rep going green. Green bags exude a love of nature and they are surprisingly easy to style. Some fashion experts even say that when trying to decide what bag color goes with everything, think of olive green as the new black

With more brands then ever turning to sustainable manufacturing processes, it’s fun and easy to find a style that’s green in both color and environmental purpose. For example, Hozen’s Lady Bag is made from Italian recycled plastics and comes in a delightful frog green.

So, What Color Bag Should I Get?

Pantone announced their much-anticipated color of the year as a combination of “Illuminating” bright yellow and “Ultimate Gray,” a solid base tone. The yellow represents optimism and joy while the gray is a grounding hue. When you are trying to figure out what is the best color for a handbag, think about the colors that bring you inspiration and inner peace. 2023 is all about the small pleasures of life and we’re happy to bring you colorful vegan handbags that best suit you!
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