The pandemic turned the fashion world on its head and the latest handbag trends have had no choice but to follow suit. A dream purses this spring might be less about flashy colors or turning heads and more about practicality. Who says an oversized knit bag, which can be used to pack in-and-out of a socially distant meeting in parks, or a canteen bag that helps you hydrate on the go, can’t be the best of latest fashion handbags

What Purses are in Style?

Major names in fashion are introducing new trend bags that prove that the hottest thing in fashion right now is being prepared for whatever the world throws at you. The latest bag trends 2021 are comprised of a refreshing mixture of practicality, flair, and environmentalism.

From oversized totes to utilitarian canteen bags, practical looks are champions on spring runways being recognized as the most popular handbags. We’re breaking down five of the latest handbag trends to help you figure out what purses are in style

Going Green

Going Green Never Goes out of Style

Going green, which is much more than a trend, is conveniently, also trending. Many of the most popular handbags this spring season use recycled materials and ethical sourcing practices to be as environmentally friendly as they are stylish. 

Advances in the technology behind vegan and recycled materials from science are fueling a fashion renaissance. Hugo Boss is introducing shoes made from Piñatex, a material made from recycled pineapple crop by-product and lululemon has announced a partnership with Mylo, a mushroom based vegan leather. 

The Canteen Bag

The Canteen Bag Lets You Hydrate with Style
Source: Vogue

What purses are in style? From the raffia laced reusable bottles on the spring 2021 runways of Fendi, to the £600 pound Balenciaga water bottle, going green is having a major moment in high fashion. Canteen bags, with all their functional charm, are also statement accessories for fashionistas that want to signal eco-consciousness. These latest fashion handbags are part of this spring’s emphasis on critical fashion that recognizes the importance of making informed decisions as a consumer.

Hozen is showcasing new trend bags for 2021 like these adorable canteen bags, made exclusively from vegan leathers and recycled products. You can explore this beautiful collection right now at our online store.

Woven Bags

Woven Bags are A Big Hit on Spring Runways
Source: Tuza Jewelry

Woven bags, which deconstruct the bag to emphasize its materials, are making a major appearance on spring runways. This example of latest handbag trends represents back to the basics sentiments while artfully playing with the bag’s construction to create a brand-new silhouette.  

These exciting latest bag trends 2021 come in all sizes, but most are oversized totes, convenient for errands, shopping trips or picnics. Their practical size makes them a perfect companion to both elegant and casual outfits. 

Chain-Link Bags

Chain Link Bags Reimagine Classic Straps and Handles
Source: PopSugar

With so much instability in the world, who wouldn’t want a bag that feels like a protective suit of armor. Brute, chunky chain-link bags that pair feminine shapes with masculine rigidity are dominating runways. These latest hand bags for ladies are a refreshing update on the traditional bag. 

The New and Improved Fanny Pack

The Fanny Pack is Back
Source: The Globe and Mail

As we explained in the previous blog post, the fanny pack is having a major glow-up in 2021. Whether you like it or not, the fanny pack is cool again. No matter what you call them…fanny packs, bum bags, or belt bags—these practical hands-free bags are being reintroduced to the fashion world as the latest fashion handbags.  

There you have it! The latest bag trends 2021 are all about practicality, going green, and, of course, innovative new materials. The most popular handbags, at least until the world opens up, are all about imagining how utility can look like high fashion.
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