When it comes to handbags, the materials are fundamental. The most beautiful design will crumple if forged from a cheap polyester and the most elegantly designed silhouette will fall short if crafted with the wrong textures. Different types of bag materials are foundational for an array of styles, so, being familiar with options is essential. 

Here’s a helpful list of the most common bag materials. 

Mesh Materials - Versatile and Sturdy

Mesh Bags are Trending in 2022
Source: Public Goods

Mesh is made from a woven or pattern knit of knotted materials that leave openly spaced holes between fabrics. It can be made from a myriad of textures, like cotton, nylon fabrics, or interlocking chainmail links. A versatile look, it’s a material that emphasizes a pronounced style over qualities like softness or sturdiness. This weblike material is a great choice for shopping bags, fashionable beach bags, and exercise bags quite well. 

Leather Material - Easy to Style

Leather Bags are Made from Animal Hides
Source: Ssense

Leather is a very reliable and highly sought-after materials bags are made from. Known for being sturdy, durable, soft to the touch, and easy to style with a number of different colors, this versatile material is made from the tanned hides of skinned animals. Leather tends to be expensive, as it should be, given the environmental and animal cruelty costs of producing the material. It’s a typical material for high fashion bags, over the shoulder handbags, and is often used with minimal décor or flair as the material stands alone quite beautifully. 

Nylon - Flexible and Affordable

 Nylon is a Common Material for Backpacks
Source: Macys

Nylon is one of the most common materials bags are made from. A cheap fabric option made from a thermoplastic silky polymer; nylon bags are a great option for fashionistas looking to stay on a budget. This highly flexible bag can easily hold its shape, while still being flexible and bearing weight. However, when it comes to materials of bags, one should be aware that nylon tears easily and isn’t particularly durable. So, these kinds of bags often have a short shelf life. Backpacks, athletic bags, and more affordable handbags are all commonly made from nylon. 

Canvas - Perfect Choice for Daily Use

Durable Canvas is a Great Material for Reusable Grocery Bags
Source: Food52

Canvas, reliable canvas, is actually a type of knit, not a particular raw fabric. This material is most commonly made from cotton or linen and patterned in a plain-woven style. It’s extremely durable, easy to water-proof, and flexible. When considering what material is used to make bags, canvas is the right choice for those that will see heavy daily use. It’s no wonder that tote bags and reusable grocery bags are most commonly made from canvas. And, as tote bags have been majorly trending recently, fashion houses are experimenting with canvas to make more and more interesting shapes and patterns. 

Vegan Leather - An Environment Friendly Material

Vegan Leather is Free of Animal Cruelty

Many people associate vegan leather with “pleather” or plastic leather. This misconception needs to be put to bed! Vegan leather refers to the many different types materials that are animal cruelty free and engage in environmental consciousness. Some of the most common, and exciting, vegan leathers are piñatex and grain-based leather, also known as biopoly oil leather. 

Piñatex, made from pineapple leaves, is 100% vegan and completely
eco-friendly. It’s waterproof, protective, and highly durable, easily lasting years after purchase unlike most pleather materials.

Biopoly oil leather is an extremely convincing leather alternative that can easily be used to build understated yet versatile handbags. If you need an example, look no further than Hozen’s cute and minimal circle pouch, made from biopoly oil leather. 

Straw Material - A Perfect Picnic Companion

Sturdy Straw bags are made from Woven Natural Materials
Source: Madewell

Straw bags are a classic. This material, usually woven to create a chunky knit, immediately brings easy elegance to the mind. Whether a straw bag is being used as the perfect picnic companion, an unlikely high fashion move, or an everyday bag dripped in all-natural chicness, this look is an instant classic. The straw material gives these bags a sturdiness, a defined frame and clean clear lines. This playful material can be used to lend a handbag an air of cottage-core cute or architecturally stripped formalism. 

When it comes to what material is used to make bags, fabric is foundational to style. With this quick overview, feel empowered to choose the material best suited for your personal style.
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