Picking the perfect handbag can be daunting. The eco-conscious shopper (which hopefully, by now, is every shopper) knows that it is important to invest in high quality and ethically made bags rather than getting swept up with fast fashion. On top of that, modern shoppers have to figure out what type of bags are in style, sorting through dozens of trends and shapes.

With so many different style handbags to choose from, it’s critical to play the field before you take the plunge on a new bag!

Here’s a list detailing nine different styles of bags to help you pick your next look!

1.  The Shoulder Bag

Shoulder bags are a go-to style as they are stylish and functional
Source: Vivien New WestWood

The shoulder bag is a classic for a reason! This trusted look is characterized by a single strap that fits comfortably, with a long strap on the arm. It is a versatile style that has been reinterpreted endlessly by brands reimaging this most recognizable of handbag silhouettes. As most are medium sized, feature wide open brims, and are made of soft or structured materials, the shoulder bag is a great daily use bag.

2.  The Canteen Bag

The canteen bag brings a fresh modern look to many design options.

The vegan leather canteen bag is a relative newcomer to the handbag scene. These sweet and refreshingly modern bags are inspired by, that’s right, actual canteens used to carry water, (or maybe something a little stronger). With an unconventional yet modern and structured shape, and a functional strap, this style of bag is an exciting mixture of play and tradition. Hozen makes a playful canteen bag which is as ethical as it is adorable—sourced from recycled plastics and grain-based vegan “leather”.

3.  The Crossbody Bag

 Crossbody bags are a popular choice amongst all ages.
Source: What to pack

Look Mom, No hands! The cross-body bag is a popular choice for the modern girl on the go who needs to be free to use her phone in a second’s notice. With long straps and a modestly sized body, these convenient bags are easily integrated into an outfit. Throw one around your body and go about your day, forgetting all about the convenient accessory until someone gives you a compliment. 

 4.  The Bucket Bag

Bucket bags are trusted daily companions for many people.
Source: Luxeitfwd

Ever since the fashion world fell back in love with the bucket bag, designers have been putting their own twist on this chic and innovative style, softening the shape to create a more elegant look or applying minimalism to create a more stripped-down statement piece. With structured sides, a large open brim, and convenient draw strings for easy access the bucket bag is an excellent travel companion, or daily partner. If you are wondering what type of bags are in style, the beloved bucket bag is a safe choice—it’s coming back stronger than a 90s trend!

 5.  The Itty Bitty Mini

 A mini bag is a trendy accessory for many girl’s nights out.

The mini bag is every girl’s perfect accessory for a night out. With just enough room for a phone, a few cards, and a lipstick—this micro style delivers a compact high-fashion look. This small bag can be worn like a hand-held clutch or paired with straps to create a longer, more elegant look. Fashion brands are making all kinds of bold decisions with this trendy bag. Hozen, for example, has a new to-die-for mini, the lady purse, that’s part classic part “scrunchie-style” crossbody strap. 

6.  The Hobo Bag 

Hobo bags are a look that's here to stay.
Source: Chanel

This style of bags name might seem out of place in our 21st century world, but rest assured, its slouchy and hobo-chic shape fits right in. Made out of soft to the touch flexible materials, this style of bags name refers to the shape of a bindle on a stick which maundering hobos were portrayed carrying in cartoons and drawing. These bags radiate ephemeral comfort—they are the sweatpants of handbags…in the absolute best way possible!

 7.  The Top Handle Bag

 So much inspiration comes from a handbag in a vintage style
Source: Bulgari

The top handle bag is like your cool older cousin who spent a semester studying in France. Cultured and elegant—it insists on doing things a little differently than you are used to. The vintage shape, which features a structured handle and medium sized bag, has become something of a must-have for the fashion it-crowd. Held, rather than worn around the body or shoulder like different styles of bags, it’s an undeniably fashion forward look.

8.  The Tote Bag

The tote bag is a practical style that comes in a variety of shapes to suit your needs
Source: Nymag magazine

The tote bag, a large and wide brimmed bag typically made of canvas or leather, has become a statement look capable of hinting at the unique qualities of its wearer. It is easy to customize this style of bag with the emblems of beloved shops, indie bookstores, or iconic posters—making it a great choice for those who like to flaunt their personality while they flaunt their stylish handbag.

 9.  The Clutch

The clutch bag not only offers an elegant and minimal look, it also goes well with many styles of outfits
Source: Bottegaveneta

The clutch handbag eschews the strap or handle altogether and insists on being carried, not worn. It’s precious, it’s a statement, and it comes in all sorts of interesting shapes and sizes. The elegant bag works well with bold and geometric outfits that might be marred by an unexpected line. Cute, slim, and minimal—the clutch handbag is an excellent match for the style perfectionist. Without a strap of any kind, it is a commitment though, make sure you pick it on a night when you plan to have your hands free.

With so many different styles of bags out there, it’s important to think carefully about what you want to communicate when you select your own.

To be honest, the biggest obstacle to selecting a handbag is the sheer volume of options. The real challenge is trying to choose just one of these amazing styles of bags. Luckily—there’s nothing stopping you from collecting them all. To learn more about different types of vegan leather, go ahead and explore our latest blog posts.
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