With countless bags out there, in every shape and style imaginable, you might be asking yourself: How do I choose a Handbag? Here is a useful short guide to help you find the perfect bag. 

1. Choose a Handbag for Everyday Use That’s Comfortable

In a previous article, we created a guideline that helps you choose a suitable handbag for your body type. Trying on handbags before you take the plunge also helps you feel the way it sits on your arm, notice if it stays on your shoulder naturally and decide if you’ll need to carry it by the handles. Every bag, like every person, is shaped differently so it may take some searching to find a handbag soulmate. But believe us, it’s worth the effort!

2. Pick a Color You Love When Choosing a Handbag

A handbag for everyday use can come in any color under the sun. On one side of the rainbow, there are more neutral bags in muted shades like black and white, or untreated raw material like hemp or leather. On the far other side of the spectrum there are neon bags, animal print bags, color-blocked bags, and bags with bold, bright colors. Make sure that when choosing a handbag, you pick a color that fits into your wardrobe, whether it be a minimalist one, a flamboyant one, or something in-between.

Hozen’s Tiger Orange Cinch Hobo Bag.

3. Find The Perfect Bag for Your Daily Routine

Everyone knows that a handbag is much more than just a fashion accessory, it’s a much-needed companion. When deciding how to choose a handbag for daily use, you need to think about what your average day looks like. 

Do you work a 9-5? Pick a bag with interior pockets that can help you organize everything you need for your commute, time spent at work, and a lipstick for that happy hour drink. 

Or maybe you are a freelance writer who needs a slim, minimalist bag perfect for throwing your wallet and keys over your shoulder and heading out the door when you are on assignment. 

The structure and interior of a bag is at the heart of its utility, make sure you pick something that works for you!

Crossbody Cell Phone Bags are perfect for a Girl on the Go.
Source: Bandolierstyle

4. Budget with An Eye on Long Term Costs 

A quality handbag should be seen as an investment. Much like the perfect pair of heels, a handbag for everyday use is something you will find yourself wearing for decades. So, when looking at the price tag on handbags, think long term. 

Sure, a forty-dollar bag made out of cheap materials might sound appealing, but, when you consider the fact that cheap bags have to be replaced every few months, whereas high quality bags easily last three to five years, it isn’t such a good deal. If you think long term, a well-made bag is usually the cheaper option. Plus, it is so much better for the environment to find the perfect bag instead of compromising with cheap throw-away bags.

5. Pick a Material That Matches Your Style & Your Politics!

When choosing a handbag for everyday use, you’ll want to consider what kind of bag you want. Are you looking for a lightweight cotton canvas bag? A cottage-core statement bag made of straw or wicker? A sport mesh bag? Or, maybe, you want an ethical and reliable bag made of vegan leather! Vegan leather, made from recycled plastics or natural materials sourced like pineapple or mushroom. Brands with ethical mission statements, like Hozen, are a great place to find an array of cute styles all sourced sustainably. Any quest to find the perfect bag entails picking the perfect material

Hozen has a huge selection of Vegan Leather Bags.

6. Choosing A Handbag

When trying to decide how to choose a handbag for everyday use, remember, finding the perfect bag means taking a look at your life, your routines, and your wardrobe and deciding how you personally define “perfect”. Bags come in all shapes and sizes, in a variety of materials, and with different interiors—the perfect bag for you is out there, all you have to do is figure out what you are looking for. 

Find the perfect handbag for you.
Source: Vintage Dooney Bourke
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