A person’s outfit is only as strong as their handbag. People in suits check out each other’s business cards, basketball players are obsessed with their shoes, and children compare school lunches. For others, the handbag is the ultimate social status symbol. These four types of bags, whether they be inexpensive, or expensive, are must have bags for those who want to flaunt their personal style. 

There are designer bags that everyone should own, like a signature clutch to take along to parties, or a vintage statement piece, and certain styles that are must haves. Here is a short guide to the essentials.

Handbags are an Excellent Way to Show Personal Style
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Handbags Everyone Should Own

The Reliable Tote

Tote bags, which originate from the humble ice bag, are practical, chic, and an absolute necessity for the modern human. As the bags have ample interior space, a conveniently wide brim, and a classic silhouette, they easily fit the many roles we are expected to balance in contemporary life. From slinky canvas totes striped down in a natural bare look to colorful shapely totes like Hozen’s black and white color-blocked tote bag, these handbags for ladies make great companions. 

Hozen’s Color Blocked Tote is a Perfect Companion

The Trendy Shoulder Bag

Cross body and shoulder bags are extremely on trend for 2021. Designers from iconic streetwear houses like Balenciaga to cutting edge eco-friendly brands like Hozen are introducing shoulder bags for the spring season. With designers playing with canteen bags that stylishly help wearers be environmentalists by avoiding plastic water bottles to the rediscovery of the fanny pack, reimagined and revamped as the “belt bag” there are cross body handbags every woman should own. These hands free, adorable shoulder bags for ladies can easily be dressed down or dressed up to suit your style needs.

Balenciaga’s Ghost Shoulder Bags for Ladies
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The Statement Bracelet 

The Bracelet bag is a major improvement on the clutch. While it delivers a similar combination of playfulness and high fashion, it doesn’t have to actually be clutched all night long because, well, who has time for that. These must have bags are small, compact handbags that feature a metal or woven miniature handle which can be worn around the wrist or comfortably held. A statement look is one of the handbags every woman should own, and the bracelet bag is an excellent choice for ladies looking to turn heads.

The Bracelet Bag makes a Major Fashion Statement
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The Dreamy Designer Bag

When it comes to handbags for ladies, every girl dreams of her first designer bag. There is no strict rule when it comes to which designer bags every woman should own, just like there is no specific work of high art that would suit any person. A designer bag is a deeply intimate choice that reflects personal taste, values, and sense of fashion. That being said, no collection is truly complete without at least one designer bag, be it vintage, or something straight off the 2021 runways—designer bags are handbags every woman should own

If you love the earth, and we know you do, remember that it’s most eco-friendly to find a thrifted designer bag, or to inherit one from a family member. If you aren’t so lucky as to stumble across a Chanel bag in a Goodwill, or in your aunt’s attic, there are also major players in fashion working to make luxurious recycled designer bags out of environmentally friendly fabrics. 

This Chanel Vintage Handbag is Every Girl’s Dream
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Must have bags for Ladies

From chic tote bags, to the coveted designer bag to trendy shoulder bags for ladies there are certain handbags every closet is incomplete without. Fashion changes, and trends come and go, but these staples are lifelong necessities. With the advent of online shopping, and a refreshing wave of ecological and animal-cruelty free fashion, it’s never been easier, or more guilt free, to find the perfect handbags for ladies essential to any well rounded closet.
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