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Episode Summary

Rae Nicoletti, the Founder of HOZEN, a sustainable accessories company that makes eco-friendly vegan leather walks us thru how she makes her company sustainable from ethical factories, product materials to carbon offsets, her wholesale marketing strategy and why she’s so excited about the next generation of bio-materials available to fashion brands.

Show Contents:

  • Rae's background - studying leather work under Hermes master artisan Bea Amblard

  • The origins of HOZEN and developing a vegan accessories brand as a leather alternative

  • Product sourcing for sustainable brands including Piñatex®, a eco-friendly leather made from pineapple fibers.

  • How HOZEN practices as a sustainability brand throughout its company

  • How to do carbon-neutral shipping and carbon offsets for websites. Which companies to use.

  • Plant-based vs Vegan: discussing the terms.

  • Review of how Instagram can help sustainable brands such as HOZEN develop business relationships.

  • How emerging brands can do wholesale strategy

  • What is HOZEN working on in 2020 and what type of new bio or vegan materials she’s using in the future.

"You can visit Rae's interview with Needle movement for more detailed information"

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