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The Soko Edit is a curated platform that supports entrepreneurs and their businesses. Inspired by the joy of browsing local boutiques for hidden treasures, they chose the name “soko”, which means marketplace in Swahili, to represent their ambition: to bring the excitement of discovering small brands to an online platform.  With The Soko Edit, you will not only be able to browse interesting brands from around the world, but also learn the stories behind the makers.
At The Soko Edit, values are important. This helps them find fascinating entrepreneurs and curate enjoyable, engaging content. They’re committed to finding interesting brands with unique stories from around the world. Their entrepreneurs are at the heart of how they choose to champion diversity. Having different views and cultural influences makes for more dynamic and open conversation where we can all continuously learn from each other and better our community.
In this conversation with The Soko Edit, Rae covers the HOZEN Story, brand values, and shares a little bit about herself.  Thanks for reading!

"Rae's interview with The Soko edit"

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