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The first reason is because my good friend and founder of HOZEN, Rae, has taken her passion and made it into a successful vegan bag line. Watching a friend leave the comforts of a corporate job to follow a passion and make it a success is exciting and motivating. Doing what you love is a gift. Rae's determination for more sustainable products and the protection of Earth and animals has made me more aware of my choices in life as well. Not only is HOZEN a vegan bag line, but it represents an important movement to preserve nature. The bags are chic and often a conversation piece that can help spread this message.



I am casual daily, but love an opportunity to dress up. I need to feel put together to help my productivity of the day. I have a quick routine in the morning. My hair always needs a casual wave, I wear minimal makeup with a tinted moisturizer, bronzer on the cheeks, mascara and a filled in brow. If my eyebrows aren't tamed then I feel disheveled. I currently use plant based cosmetics. I live in New England so I have my seasonal go-to's. A comfortable pair of high-waisted skinny jeans, flip flops, New Balance sneakers, a V-neck T-Shirt, an oversized sweater and a midi J. Crew sundress is all I need! 



I love productive days. An ideal day would start with a workout to get my mind centered, coffee in the morning light, an outdoor home project with my husband and two boys followed by cocktails, a cozy meal, a family movie and to bed at an early hour.



I will typically take time for myself. I realize that self care makes me a better wife and mother. I will go to a Pure Barre class, get a spa treatment, shop or take alone time to organize my house. I do not like clutter and it makes me tick better when my house is in order. I also need a good book. I like easy reads at this point in my life because my kids are little. I prefer to quickly fall into someone else's world to ease the anxiety of running a household. My recent choices have been Elin Hilderbrand books.




Simplifying life inspires me. As I get older the more I want to be a minimalist. Since I was a kid I never liked clutter. I couldn't start homework unless my desk was cleared and tidy. As an adult and owning my own places I have decorated with a minimalist eye. I like clean lines and everything needs a place. I suffered from anxiety after having my two boys and realized that I needed to expand my simplified techniques in other parts of my life as well. I don't overschedule the boys, I took a break from my RN career and began incorporating self care. I'm inspired to do more of what makes me happy.



Switzerland. I studied abroad there and fell in love with the green mountains, the freshest air I have ever smelled, the architecture, the al fresco dining, and the slower lifestyle.


Tequila rocks with lime.





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