HOZEN is my first choice when picking new bags, as it was the first vegan bag company I ever discovered. The quality is extremely high, they are well made so I don’t have to keep getting new bags over and over again, and the colors + shapes are super unique and fun! It doesn’t get boring when shopping with HOZEN, there is always something timeless yet exciting.



I think my look is laid back California girl, with neutral colors, but who likes to dress my lounge wear up with vintage designer blazers, mini heels and chunky boots. Usually my bag completes my outfit or is the stand out point so HOZEN's fun colors and shapes make me feel like a cool girl even if I’m wearing a super lazy outfit.



I used to do competitive vaulting, where I did gymnastics on a moving horse. I also started my business, Belle The Label, in my first year of college, because I was scared of not having a job when graduating haha. Now I have 3 businesses that are all super connected and I’m so happy that I started early and taught myself I am able to create a life and living for myself.



Waking up to beautiful, warm weather on some sort of camping trip, maybe Baja or Big Sur, with all my best friends. We spend the day with perfect, empty waves, exploring the endless nature and remoteness around us and ending the night with a delicious, fresh family dinner paired with games or maybe a live concert to end the night. My friends and I recently went deep into Big Sur and brought a generator and all the equipment to have a show and it was the most magical night having my best friends play their music under the stars in the forest.




To be honest, I don’t have much down time. I have three businesses and they all function at different times of the day. I have a sustainable manufacturing agency called Transparency studio where I help people develop their brands. Since it’s based in Bali and a lot of my clients are Australian, I start communicating / working for them in the evening when they wake up or we lose a day. But I don’t mind, I really like it, I’m one of those people that is always going going going. When I want to slow down, I would say I like to cook weird new things with my friends, lots of hiking, sometimes surfing, explore cool blogs for inspiration, look through magazines and art books, learn about nutrition and skin rituals.... or honestly just work more hahaha. I think doing computer work in bed is really relaxing for me, I’d rather finish smaller tasks up before I go to bed so I feel set for the following day and I just love working. It’s maybe not the best thing for me but I’m not good at the whole relaxing thing. I’ve tried to incorporate meditations into my days more often, not saying I’m good at remembering, but when I do I think it’s really really nice, so that’s something.




I think the natural environment that surrounds me inspires me the most. I love looking at textures and colors that I see simply in my daily life. Foods, shells, plants, water, rocks, animals etc. I am endlessly inspired by nature. I also find Instagram a really good place to access all sorts of inspiration. I am really inspired by furniture, art, writing, photography, foods, flowers. I obsess over having all my “saved” folders be super mapped out so if I’m looking for something I can easily find it. It’s pretty fun for me to curate my findings.




Ah such a hard question. I think about this a lot… I’d have to say Bali since it is my second home. The culture is so welcoming and caring, the food is beyond delicious, the sub-climates are all so unique, the little islands and slow living is really enticing for me. My current home, Santa Cruz, and all of Northern California is also SO special and beautiful. Mexico is a close second as well. And then Morocco. I don’t know, it’s too hard.






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